Now based in Florida, US, the new album from No Raza called “Transcending Material Sins” is a crushing assault of pure destruction: Guttural vocals and tenacious riffing combined with a menacingly heavy production. The songs artfully blends death metal and all of No Raza’s extreme sound into a multi-faceted affair, that couldn`t keep this band as an underground secret for long and to gather international acclaim!

Joining forces with powerhouse label Noble Demon and following in the footsteps of Grave, Asphyx and Obituary, No Raza are about to take over the globe in the name of Death Metal!

Coinciding with the launch day of the new album “Transcending Material Sins” by No Raza, the video “Ancient Wars” has also been released. ““Ancient Wars” is a song that tells the story of an indigenous tribe that made resistance to foreign invaders who came to South America to impose their religions, beliefs and cultures, managing to contaminate their roots and dirtying an ancient legacy that the ancestral natives protected and defended to their death.

Ancient Wars | Noble Demon

Transcending Material Sins (Digipak Presentation / Unboxing)

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