While most of us live our lives within our own four walls and all those are happy whose loved ones are healthy and whose Internet access still copes with hours of streaming, entire industries are in danger of being ruined by the “Corona-crisis“.

One of the ones hardest hit by the crisis are the small art house cinemas, which have now been closed for almost two weeks and are not able to compensate for the sudden complete loss of revenue. 33 Berlin cinemas have now joined forces and launched a crowdfunding campaign to help them survive the crisis. So that hopefully soon we can all laugh, cry and dream together again in our favourite cinema.

Here is the call from the cinemas:

“Berlin’s cinema landscape is one of the most diverse in the world. Week after week, dedicated art house cinemas bring a multitude of films and events to life on 73 screens, a program as colourful as the city itself. Film releases beyond the mainstream from all around the world, children’s and youth activities, retrospectives, film talks, panel discussions, excentric and international festivals: in our cinemas people immerse themselves in other realities of life, laugh, learn, love and argue.

Like no other city, Berlin lives and loves its cinemas and the unique variety of programmes. We would like to preserve this diversity for you in the future & for this we need your support! Because although we have no income, the fixed costs will of course have to be paid. As with many other cultural institutions, it is impossible to build up reserves. We stick together and master the challenge together. Because that is exactly what matters now, not only for our cultural future, but also for all of us at home, in the family, in daily interaction with our fellow human beings.

You big & small cinema-goers, film lovers from all districts of our beloved city, from all over Germany & even the rest of the world – be part of it! We are looking forward to the continuation of this cinematic love story. With all Berlin art house cinemas. And of course with you!“

And here you find the link to the crowdfunding campaign


Stay healthy and support your local cinema!

The sponsor of the campaign is the non-profit association Freunde des Kino Toni e.V. representing the Berlin art house cinemas:

Babylon Kreuzberg, Blauer Stern, Bundesplatz-Kino, Capitol Dahlem, Central , Cinema Paris, City Kino Wedding, Cosima, Delphi Filmpalast, Delphi Lux, Eva Lichtspiele, Filmkunst 66, Filmtheater am Friedrichshain, Hackesche Höfe Kino, IL KINO, International, Kant Kino, Kino im Kulturhaus Spandau, Kino Kiste, Lichtblick-Kino, Moviemento, Neues Off, Odeon, Passage, Rollberg , Sputnik Kino, Tilsiter Lichtspiele, Toni, Union Filmtheater Friedrichshagen. Wolf Kino, Xenon, Yorck Kino, Zukunft am Ostkreuz