The theatrical release date for the multiple award-winning feature film “Notes of Berlin” by director Mariejosephin Schneider has now been set for September 9, 2021 after the corona-related postponement.

The film on the Darling Berlin label distributed by UCM.ONE celebrated its world premiere at the International Film Festival in Warsaw in October and was awarded three “Beavers” at its German premiere at the 42nd Biberach Film Festival, namely Best Debut Film, the Audience Award and the Student Jury Award.

The episode film tells fourteen funny, sad and bizarre stories from 24 hours in the life of the capital. The episodes are linked by the notices that are so typical of the Berlin cityscape, which reflect the pure everyday culture of the city. These notices have been collected by Joab Nist on his blog since 2010 and have become known far beyond the city limits.


One day and one night in Berlin: Karma drives an electric wheelchair, a shared apartment casting ends with a squatting, a cook and an escaped dog become kings, everyone is looking for a father-to-be and a rabbit makes a nerd finally his neighbors get to know. Do Berlin taxis actually go to the Eiffel Tower? And who is the Queen of Berlin? “Notes of Berlin” tells all these stories and more. They are inspired by real notices that hung in the streets of the city – on lampposts, in stairwells, in backyards – found there by attentive Berliners and published on Joab Nist’s cult blog

The film strolls with us through the city and casts an amused, sensitive look at people and situations that one might otherwise overlook. It is a declaration of love for Berlin, shows the everyday madness and chance encounters and makes the city the protagonist, because: “The heart of the city beats on the street”.

Notes of Berlin | Trailer (German wit English Subs) ᴴᴰ

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