A “single speed” bike is a type of bicycle with a single gear ratio. These bikes do not have derailleurs, hubs or other methods of varying the gear ratio of the bike.
Gabriel Sordo‘s Instagram profiles feature photos of the Mexican artist and DJ on a classy black racing bike with imposing blood-red handlebars. “Single Speed” is the perfect metaphor for his new EP of the same name on Plastic City.

Music that doesn’t need a gear to still get going strong. Without much technique and much power with a firm kick, the track floats over the asphalt beats. The sounds whistle around the ears. The landscape passes before the alert eyes with light melodies. Suddenly, there is a beautiful woman with a skateboard at the side of the road, whose mysterious voice transforms the track into a new adventure.

Track two of the EP takes Gabriel Sordo on a “Spaceroute“.We cycle through a lively Mexican city. The wind tickles our noses with light melodies. Along the way, we pick up the short conversations of passers-by, but only understand fragments as the ride goes on and on.

Gabriel Sordo - Spaceroute (Plastic City) | Teaser

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