The album opener or the first single from a new album is of outstanding importance for the artist. Either you deliberately set the wrong track for the next hour or you give a pure foretaste of your work. “Mekanikmuzik” from the new Der Dritte Raum album “Kommit” is a prime example of the latter.
 The track reveals a lot about Andreas Krüger‘s new music: It is perfectly cast. The dance floor is warmed up and then floats over it with a light, happy melody until the minute 7:41. It just takes you with it immediately. Everything sounds warm and bright.
Mekanikmuzik” reveals a lot about the production of Andreas Krüger‘s music. An analog machine room hums and steams here. The melody of the track was collected and put back together with a small mechanical children’s organ. Music with space and time. The level and quality of the sound are unearthly. The best thing to do is to set “Mekanikmuzik” to repeat to make the time until the release of “Kommit“, which will be released on the German Harthouse label, bearable.
The single “Mekanikmuzik” also features two remixes by Rico Puestel. The first with “Tempo” for the dancefloor, the other with a more fragile “Statics“, laid out as a wild industrial trip with loud Kraftwerk-bonds.

Der Dritte Raum - Mekanikmuzik (Tempo) | Harthouse

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