We’re in love with Radio Brest... well, with the woman behind this gorgeous piece of music to be exact. Please welcome Maxie König with her amazing “News from Radio Brest” EP.

Based in one of Germany’s most beautiful wine regions Maxie König is a gentlewoman of the old DJ school who is also an extremely skilled producer that gives us a treat with four excellent tracks. The EP title track “Buddah’s Breath” is a feathery and vibrant beauty with its gentle groove, atmospheric pads and laid-back vibe.

Chasing Cats“, number two of four scores with its wide and open soundscape and throbbing beats that whet our appetite for warm summer nights with friends and great music.

And there is more. “Charites” joins this joyous ride and shifts up a gear with its even more danceable approach that lays the foundation of the final track. Last but so not least Maxie rounds of this EP with the “Ohral on Air Edit” of her track “Radio Brest.” While we started with a subtle hip moving at first we now enter the full-body workout territory due to some serious dance beats and a lot of mojo. Maxie König. A name to remember. What a superb EP.