Boris Brejcha, the “new German techno” artist who was born in 1981 and grew up in Frankenthal, became one of the most influential newcomers in Europe. His second album “Mein Wahres Ich” (English translation: “My true self“) from 2008 can actually be pre-ordered as a double LP for the first time from today. The shipment is expected to start on December 22nd, 2021.

Boris Brejcha – Mein Wahres Ich

(Limited 2×12″ black/blue-coloured Splattered White Vinyl in a Gatefolder)


track list:

A1 Flying Bird

A2 Der Krieg Der Maschinen

A3 Euphoria


B1 Die Reise Nach Riad

B2 Schlafentzug

B3 Einmal Liebe Und Zurück

C1 Mouse on Weed

C2 Mein Wahres Ich


D1 Every Girl Like a Style

D2 My Love

D3 Frühlingsbienchen

For the first time on vinyl, the album is now being launched as a limited 2xLP edition. The album “Mein Wahres ich” can be pre-ordered from today (e.g. at Bandcamp  or our Shop) and is expected to be shipped after December 22nd, 2021.

Boris Brejcha can be described as a child of the digital generation, as his work as a producer and DJ only began in 2006. His first release, “Monster EP”, appeared, how could it be otherwise, than mp3. Then things should go quickly and his productions climbed into various Internet portal charts. In 2007 he delivered the album “Die Maschinen kontrollieren uns” (English translation: “The machines control us“) on the Harthouse label, which made him a “special talent 2007” in the German Raveline magazine.

Then a year later came the album „Mein wahres Ich“ (2008), with some progress and a little more evolution. With his unconventional and humorous handling of sounds, he creates a new small niche in the large minimal pile and he does it very well. Swings do it, let’s see what comes.

More information about the artist: Boris Brejcha

More information about the label: Harthouse