UCM.ONE releases the legendary horror and fantasy classic “Hell Night” with Linda Blair, known from “The Exorcist 1“, “The Exorcist 2“, “Grotesque” or “Witchcraft – The Evil Lives“, on the label M-Square Classics uncut in HD and restored as a limited Mediabook with Blu-Ray and DVD and a 16- page booklet and VoD portals. The release will be available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

After almost 25 years on the index in Germany (which means, that it is not allowed to sell the movie in the uncut version), the indexing of the film “Hell Night” was cancelled in December 2008. Another 11 years later, an uncut version of the film “Hell Night”, also known as “Paranoia” ( or “Paranoia – Alone with the Killer“), was released in HD for the first time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Hell Night” was produced by Irwin Yanlans, who was also responsible for the first three films “Halloween“, “Halloween II” and “Halloween III: Season of the Witch“.


As the climax of an entrance examination for the student association “Alpha Sigma Rho”, the four young liaison candidates Marti (Linda Blair), Jeff (Peter Barton), Denise (Suki Goodwin) and Seth (Vincent van Patten) are to spend a night in the well-known, old-fashioned haunted house Garth Manor. Twelve years ago, the landlord is said to have killed his wife, three of his deformed children and finally himself and left his youngest son, the idiot Andrew, alone. Of course, horror stories report that the unfortunate man is still walking through the house, but even the initiators of the entrance examination don’t believe it. But with the tricks they play on the four applicants, they are suddenly surprised by a killer and the test of courage and the initial pleasure quickly become bloody seriousness…

About the director

Tom DeSimone, not to be confused with gangster Thomas “Two-Gun Tommy” DeSimone, was born in 1939 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He received his bachelor’s degree from Emerson College, moved to Los Angeles and received his master’s degree in film studies from the University of Southern California. His film career began in the early 1960s with several erotic films, including some gay porn under the pseudonym Lancer Brooks. His movie “The Collection” from 1970 is regarded as the first gay movie with dialogues and plot. Almost two dozen other erotic films followed, including gay vampires, magic books and escaped convicts, until DeSimone directed the comedy “Chatterbox!” in 1977, in which Penelope, a young beautician, finds that her vagina can speak and even sing, which of course leads to some confusion. The bizarre film with Candice Rialson in the leading role is considered a cult today.

After further Lancer Brooks films, Tony DeSimone turned to horror films and thrillers at the beginning of the 1980s with “” (alternative German title: “Paranoia – Alleine mit dem Killer“) [1981] and “The Concrete Jungle” [1982]. Two more thrillers and four gay movies later DeSimone’s film career ended and he began to work for television. His last direction he took over in 2002 in a episode of the series “She Spies“, a copy of “Charlie’s Angels“.

Equipment and technical data of the media book

First time the movie in the original uncut version, 16-page booklet with original photos and background information | Picture format: Letterbox; DVD: WS 1.85:1 anamorphic; Blu-Ray: WS 1.85:1 & 1080p 23,976 | Total runtime Blu-Ray 98 Min, DVD 102 Min | Sound formats Blu-Ray: German DTS- HD Master Audio 2.0, English DTS- HD Master Audio 2.0; Sound formats DVD: German DD 2.0, English DD 2.0 | FSK 18

Press comments

“Despite the rather stale story Tom DeSimone’s flick from the Stalk’n’Slash series turns out to be quite exciting and atmospherically well done…” (Fear sits next to you)

Hell Night is quite entertaining and if you like old slashers you should take a look.” (tofunerdpunk.blogspot.com)

Hell Night manages to create a good amount of tension, which is of course due to the nice location.” (haikosfilmlexikon.de)

“Solid B-strip, that doesn’t fully savor its mixture of “Haunted House” and Slasher in the last consequence…but the viewer will forget this flaw in the second half of the movie, thanks to the creepy atmosphere.” (evil-ed.de)

“All in all, Hell Night is certainly one of the most underrated horror movies released in the 80s. A screening is definitely recommendable…” (unserekleinefilmwelt.de)

Excellent camera work and excellent film music make Hell Night one of the outstanding slashers of the 80s.” (horrorexpress.com)

Trailer (German)

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