Oh we’re besotted with this new EP. Sikora, aka Stephan Straka from Frankfurt, Germany delivers such an impressive concept EP called “Woow” EP. The six-track-EP is divided into two parts. We have three originals as well as three versions of the very same tracks yet with a different tone and vibe.

Woow One” commemorates a grand opening. Guided by a pounding bassdrum the track marches confidently towards a break in which a hypnotical tapestry of sound unfolds before it smoothly glides into a percussive thunderstorm.
Woow Two” with its incredibly light-footed feel-good vibe yet vigorous rhythm is an absolute first-class stunner. Contrary to this “Woow Three” strikes a far more serious and more combative tone. Sikora allows the track a very slow build up which comes along with a huge arc of suspense that streches the audiences patience to the limit. Everything is done so smoothly and elaborately that  you feel to be a part of the track from the start.
Which brings us to the mentioned “edits”, starting with the “Fluid version of “Woow One“. You certainly have this déjà-vu experience yet find yourself in a whole different space. “Fluid” is super atmospheric and even kinda trippy. With the “Washed” version “Woow Two” exchanges its ease for a far deeper and melancholic approach but also resembles its sibling in class and profundity.
Last but not least Sikora ends this phenomenal EP with Solid, the also way more atmospheric version of “Woow Three“. After a diverse ride loaded with emotions, energy and passion Solid delivers a massive final climax. Consider it the cherry on the cake that makes a brilliant art piece even more brilliant.

Sikora - Woow (Teaser) | Harthouse


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