That Thomas Eckert once recorded Amy Winehouse and Ed Sheehan as a sound engineer shows his whole range and passion that the early 50 year old has invested in music for decades. He is known among his colleagues as a midi god and soundfrickler and last year he invested so much time and money in his home studio that he was able to give his passion for EDM from the 80s and 90s an impressive update under his artist and remixer name Cybtraxx. While his heart beats for EDM, he is not afraid of style breaks. His spectrum ranges from minimal electro to synthwave, trance to hard techno.

He recently did three remixes for Matthias Wunderlich aka Onda Del Futuro. All in retro synthwave style. His release “Change” on Time unlimited is dripping with Acid/House/Electro/Berlin-Techno/Dance/Ambient from all pores.

With remixes by Onda Del Futuro, Luwosi, Wavestate and Michael Schallmacher.

Cybtraxx - Change (Onda del Futuro Ambient Remix) | Time Unlimited


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