UCM.ONE and Darling Berlin commemorate actress Hannelore Elsner, who would have celebrated her 80th birthday today, July 26, 2022. Hannelore Elsner had died in April 2019. One of her first film roles was as the starlet Sylvia St├Âssel in the 1963 drama “Die endlose Nacht” (English title: “The Endless Night“) (Darling Berlin) by Will Tremper. Hannelore Elsner subsequently appeared in over 200 cinema and TV films and is considered one of the greatest German acting icons. Hannelore Elsner described “The Endless Night” as one of her favorite films. The drama, set on a foggy night at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport, turns 60 next May. At the same time, Tempelhof Airport will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023.

In 2019, UCM.ONE brought the film “Die endlose Nacht” back to theaters in May, exactly 56 years (original release date: May 8, 1963) after its world premiere. The film, which has won numerous awards (several German Film Awards in gold and silver in 1963), is available for screenings in a digitally restored version as DCP and Blu-Ray at our theatrical distribution.

Award for “Die endlose Nacht”:

1963 German Film Award in Gold: Best Acting Performance – Male Lead -> Harald Leibnitz
1963 German Film Award in Gold: Best Cinematography/Picture Design -> Hans Jura
1963 German Film Award in Gold: Best Film Score -> Peter Thomas
1963 German Film Award in Silver: Best Feature Film -> Will Tremper
1963 German Film Critics Award: Best Feature Film -> Will Tremper
1964 Ernst Lubitsch Award: Best Supporting Actor -> Walter Buschhoff

Die endlose Nacht (mit Hannelore Elsner) | Cineasten Trailer (deutsch) ᴴᴰ

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