The trio consists of three Japanese DJs, Wada, Heigo Tani and Toiza71, who formed as “Co-Fusion” in the early 1980s and produced numerous techno tracks.

CO-Fusion are best known for their hybrid DJ/live sets that have taken them around the world are characterized by improvisations with turntables and various technical gadgets.With their debut album “Co-Fu“, the follow-up “Co-Fu2.0” and finally “Co-Fo3.0” in 2021, they have already proven that they are one of the main  players in today’s techno scene in Japan.

With their new EP “Porcupine” the two get us back on the dance floor. The EP features three new tracks and will be released on pre-sale on October 21 and will be released in full on October 28.

Co-Fusion - Porcupine EP ( Harthouse) I Teaser

More information about the label: Harthouse