Luigi Gori – better known as “Presslaboys” – and Larsun Hesh have teamed up for the Harthouse label to deliver an “official” techno production. From the Italian-Ukrainian “dream team” quietly unconditional power and merciless power can be expected.
The A-side “LWA” looks like a sombre figure, slowly sneaking up to suddenly penetrate your ears with driving beats and a razor-sharp bassline. Designed for the big main floors and equipped with plenty of momentum, “LWA” is definitely an absolute dance guarantee that will not let anybody sit on the stool.

Sensor” – the B-side – is only slightly more graceful and does not hide his muscles. “Sensor” is “deeper” like the A-side and equipped with everything necessary to set the dance community in motion. The Arpeggiator Lead melody, accompanied by a breathtaking Atmo Pad, discharges after a dramatic set-up into a drop, as a result of which dancers may spontaneously shout with enthusiasm.

Now available exclusively from Beatport. Available on all other download portals and streaming platforms from 02 August.

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