Matthias Wunderlich aka Ambtro has been producing electronic music since 1988. After many very experimental productions he started in 1992 the music project “Onda del Futuro“. The second single “Terra” went straight to the Official German Dance Charts in 1993 and also to national and international singles charts. From 1995, further projects followed on the UCM.ONE labels Reef Recordings and Time Unlimited.
After a somewhat longer creative break, Matthias Wunderlich began 4 years ago again to build his current studio and musically reorientate himself. The result can be heard on his latest album “Audiofiles” under the project name Ambtro.
The name “Ambtro”
Ambient music has always fascinated and influenced Matthias Wunderlich musically. Everything that he had previously created creatively, was also recorded with electronic musical instruments. “I wanted to give my style a name and came to Amb (Ambient) and tro (Electronic)”. The name Ambtro was born that way.