Phable is an artist who has really been washed in all musical waters. Classical music education, he sang in various choirs and even started studying as a tenor. But then came the break. He discovered his passion for soul, rock and funk, which steered him in a completely different musical direction. In that background he ended up at house and plunged into nightlife in 2012 under the artist name Phable.

The almost ten-year passion as a DJ for electronic music now culminates in his 2nd single “Acid Motion” on Plastic City. The bass drum bangs, the drums pulsate. Phable puts the sound loosely and skilfully over the beats. The track rolls easily to the climax. An ingenious little melody that hovers over the dance floor. You can tell that there is an artist at work here who knows exactly what he is doing.

On top this EP includes also two remixes by Paul Schal & neueheimat. Enjoy listening to this masterpiece!

Fable - Acid Motion ( Plastic City Suburbia) | Teaser

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More information about the label: Plastic City Suburbia