It’s time again to deal with words that don’t actually exist, but still make so much sense in art as the title of Sikora‘s new EP “Fluffoplexer“. First, one stumbles over the term “Fluffomat“. This is a wool diaper that is simply there to make a baby feel comfortable and secure. That’s exactly what the five new tracks on the Fluffoplexer EP mean.

The new tracks come in two colours that are actually completely the same: “Purple” and “Violet“. Violet, also known as lilac in everyday language, is a color stimulus and a spectral color that extends from the short-wave end of visible light, the limit to ultraviolet, to about 425 nm or 430 nm, the limit to the color shade indigo.

Sikora translates the color stimuli into different versions that ultimately serve only one purpose. To wrap you in a fluffy cloud of positive feelings, like a fluffomat wraps ans secures a baby.

Sikora - Fluffoplexer (Harthouse) | Harthouse

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