We’re excited to share Pazkal‘s new “Never Say EP” with you. The Swiss musical genius has such a knack for infusing his music with some major organic mojo that you hear instantly. But there’s even more to be excited about since the new release comes with a remix by the super talented duo Smalltown Collective. The main track “Never Say” rolls forward inexorably and is incredibly light-footed nevertheless. The light and organic sounding percussion elements leave the track tons of space and make it so enjoayable to listen to it.

With “Do ThisPazkal delivers some fine prime time material. A massively pushing bassline creates a stunning momentum. After a vigorous arc of suspense during the break “Do This” rolls on with a all-or-nothing mentality.”Control” comes along with a slightly lighter approach yet it doesn’t lack a spark of confidence. Instead it fascinates with its numerous atmospheric details and wide sound spectrum.Lastly Smalltown Collective takes “Never Say” to task.

As we have been able to convince ourselves many times before the Swiss duo simply knows how to masterfully inject groove to any track they put their hands on. A little more withdrawn than the original track the guys keep the overall vibe super laid-back yet not a bit less exciting. Spot-on!

Pazkal - Never Say (Plastic City Suburbia) | Teaser


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