The project „The Tubbs“ is called „a game“ by the two artists, a midlife moment experiment to reflect their decades of work. The album „Miami Wives” is the fruit of this reflection on their separate and common past. The second single from the album called „Too Much, Too Late” is going to be released on the 15th of January, 2021.

What do the son of a working class family in the capital suburbs and the son of a policeman growing up in a historical small town have in common? At first you would say nothing. Somehow, as it happens to the children born from the seventies till the early eighties, they had the same experiences as they grew up with the likes of tape decks, the boom of the VHS, and the magical world of American TV series which were almost unknown in the Eastern block before.

In this seemingly isolated world, televison and radio had a huge impact on so many lives.

A mind-blowing moment for the young Forteba was when he first heard „L’Enfant“ by Vangelis in a news program called „The Week”. Something similar happened to Marcel when he first heard Kraftwerk’s evergreen „Das Model” in a TV commercial. Music was always a part of their lives and  in their early twenties they started to appear in the electronic music world.

Forteba started off with a band called Le Garage, while Marcel became a solo artist shortly after having worked with Bernáthy & Sons. They first met on a stage as performers and in the past twenty years they reflected on each other’s work from time to time, they worked on collabos and remixes together and for each other, not to mention that they have both been UCM.ONE artists for decades: Forteba releasing on Plastic City, Marcel on Mole Listening Pearls.
Funnily, the idea of making an album together had come to their minds only a couple of years ago. And the collaboration has given them space to leave their comfort zone and enter musical territories which for both were still to be thouroughly discovered. This project is the fruit of long late night talks and listening to music together. Their music was shaped by the sometimes nostalgic reflection on childhood, these controversial times we are living in, and the idea that we need the same amount of humour and passion to experience this life.
“In a world where nothing is perfect, in the end everything will turn out well, just like in  the old TV shows.”

The Tubbs - Too Much, Too Late | Teaser (Mole Listening Pearls)

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