Atme” (English title: “Breathe“) is the title of the feature film by Magosha Siwinsk and Nicki Durand, which will be shown as the 16th film at the 15 Jahre achtung berlin – festival retrospective online. In the film Karl finds the lifeless Johanna in a snowy place in Finland. He takes her in silently and caringly, provides her with the most necessary things: warmth – food – sleep. Slowly life returns to Johanna. Between the silence of the snow and the backdrop of the big city of Berlin, the story of an impossible love between Johanna and the restless Nick unfolds in flashbacks. What at first seems like a young love develops more and more a destructive power. For Johanna, an emotional roller coaster begins, for Nick, a dangerous game without limits. In the end Johanna has to decide for or against herself.

Atme | Full movie (German) [with English subtitles] ᴴᴰ

15 years achtung berlin • festival retrospective online ᴴᴰ

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