The moving coming-of-age drama with mystery elements “Dark Dreamers” (Original German title: “Albträumer“) by director Philipp Klinger will celebrate its theatrical release premiere on Thursday, 12 August 2021, at 8:30 pm at the City Kino Wedding in Berlin. In addition to the director, some of the cast and film team members will be present.

The film will be released nationwide on the same day on the label Artkeim² by UCM.ONE.

Tickets for the event are also available in free pre-sale: City Kino Wedding

In his feature film debut, the director, who himself comes from a small village in the Black Forest, uses powerful images to tell of the narrowness and despair that can come with growing up in a hermetic community. With Sarah Mahita (“Bonnie & Bonnie“, “Wir sind die Welle“) and Béla Gabor Lenz (“Wir sind die Welle“, “Dark“) he can rely on two great young leading actors who make the inner conflicts of their characters tangible in an impressive way.

Dark Dreamers” is a coming-of-age drama with mystery elements, told in intoxicating images and sensitively acted, in which a young woman’s painful search for answers collides with the mental and emotional constraints of her surroundings.


Since her older brother Dennis jumped to his death two years ago, 17-year-old Rebekka (Sarah Mahita) has been trying in vain to come to terms with his suicide. Her parents are mainly concerned with maintaining their bourgeois façade and, like the village community, have long since identified a “culprit” for Dennis’ death: Vincent (Béla Gabor Lenz), his best friend, who jumped off the bridge with him and miraculously survived the fall. When Vincent returns to the small town in the Black Forest after a long absence, the old wounds are reopened. Rebekka, however, sees in the rebellious eccentric the only way to finally understand who her brother really was.

Against the fierce resistance of Rebekka’s parents, the two young people grow closer and a stormy love affair develops that is both healing and increasingly destructive. Rebekka is drawn deeper into her brother’s emotional world than she would like. When the situation escalates, she has to make a tough decision.

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