“Noom Records was one of the most successful and influential techno, trance, and acid labels in the 1990s.” So it is read on the German Wikipedia page. Probably, this description is not exaggerated, Noom Records was the same for several trends such. Hardtrance, Acid-Trance, Acid and Techno. In England, as well as a bit delayed in the USA, Noom Records also released the “Hoover-Sound Hype”, which in turn influenced labels like Prolekult Records (UK) or Bonzai Records (Belgium). The biggest hit on the label to this day is the title “Commander Tom – Are Am Eye?”, Which has achieved worldwide chart success and alone sold well over 200,000 vinyl maxi singles. But titles by artists such as Mandala, Nexus 6, Cores, Traumatic, Jim Clarke and Nuclear Hyde were missing in any record box worldwide.

In retrospect one can certainly say that one of the label’s success secrets was that the “Noom Sound” as it was called back then was in “Trend Clubs” like the “Omen” by Sven Väth in Frankfurt or in others The hottest clubs in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and New York went up and down, but at the same time in places such as the “Dorian Gray” at Frankfurt Airport or at the time emerging large-capacity discos was omnipresent.

The label was founded in 1993 in Neckargemünd near Heidelberg by Joachim Keil. From the Noom 5 (“Mandala – The Encore”) came as A & R Tom Weyer (better known under his DJ name Commander Tom) added, which gave the label significantly his direction. The “Noom-Sound”, an analogous sound, which was originally influenced by studio equipment from the company Roland (TB-303, SH-101 etc), in combination with certain effects and idiosyncratic mixes, also influenced the start of the producer Raymund Beyer ( usually found on the label copies as Ray Boyé), who released at that time both on R&S Records as well as Sony Dance Pool. Certainly, this combination has also led to the range of DJs who played this sound.

Just 25 years later, UCM.ONE, the label’s current owner, publishes a compilation of many formative titles since the start of Noom Records, where the label’s artists re-mastered their original productions from 1993 to the present come together. 25 years … has that been so long ago?


01. Jim Clarke – Smoking Drums
02. Ulysses – K.J’s Flight
03. Jim Clarke – Silverstone
04. Ulysses – Dream’N’Trance
05. Superspy – Free
06. Mandala – The Encore
07. Nexus 6 – Très Chic
08. Traumatic – Tribal Symphony
09. Instant Zen – Synthetic (303 Experience)
10. Tandú – Tranceido
11. Troop – The State
12. Nostradamus – Veto
13. Commander Tom – Are Am Eye?
14. Mandala – Astralia
15. Nuclear Hyde – Pesola
16. Comma, – Lonely Days (Single Cut)
17. Tom de Luxe presents Waterhouse – Ain’t No
18. Commander Tom – Round My Brain
19. Eyerer & Laib pres. – The Chord
20. Microworld – Booby Trap
21. Commander Tom – The Vulcan
22. Jim Clarke – Paraguay
23. Cores – Iowa
24. Jim Clarke – Do You Feel (Like I Do)
25. Andy Trex vs. Commander Tom – Pulse Fiction (Trex 1)

26. Snack & Uwe Hacker – Dampframme (Roadjack) (Street Mix)
27. Mandala – Meltburn
28. CFC-12 – Rest in Hell
29. Licht und Kraft – Ohm
30. Nuclear Hyde – Persuader
31. König de Lûxe – Kingsize
32. Mandala – Evolution
33. Traumatix – Debut
34. Toronto – X-tra See
35. Cores vs. Robyn – Tomahawk
36. M-Pire Project – Discofanz 2000
37. Instinct – Zero
38. Headhunter – Special X (Special Mix)
39. McKay – Meltdown
40. Optimus – Confessions
41. Nostrum – Dig Ayca
42. Lost in Case – Hot Music
43. Commander Tom – Eye Bee M
44. Les Logos – 1.17 Dance
45. T&T – Celebration
46. Commander Tom vs. Marco Düx Baby – The Cow
47. Toronto – Skydome
48. Twisted – Albion
49. Chris Liberator & Dave the Drummer – Poke in the Eye
50. Omicrom – Old School