With Philipp Gonzales from Berlin, Plastic City welcomes a true musician whose enthusiasm for electronic music goes back to his early childhood days. Faithful to his art and modest as ever, he once again proves his knack for sophisticated grooves, which are not only appreciated by the business heavyweight DJ Sneak (no pun intended).
Hard Candy“, the title track of the EP, is a seven-minute ride full of good humour and a groove that literally screams for a tasty caipi and warming sunbeams. One suspects that so much talent must be connected to his Latin-American roots.
With “You Got To Give” Philip Gonzales doesn’t shift back a gear, but rather keeps the groove rolling and combines it with a deeper vibe, for which he is finally known and appreciated. Towards the end he fires another groove cracker. And as long as “She Can’t Dance” – despite its name – doesn’t animate its audience to rhythmic movements on the dance floor, we don’t know what or who could do it.

Beatport: July 05; All Portals: July 19 2019

Phillip Gonzales - Hard Candy EP I Teaser

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