To say we’re excited for this new EP would be a slight understatement. And no, we’re not talking about names such as Plex, Adam Beyer, Boris Brejcha or Stephan Bodzin, but about a newcomer who embodies what we look forward to consider a bright future for techno music. The gentleman’s name is Breitenstein and here is his debut EP called “Sand“.
With “SandBreitenstein makes a fulminant start and points the way. A way to a masterfully composed musical journey with everything from an atmospheric sound tapestry, tons of tension and a drop and drive that will knock your socks off.
But not enough. Oh hell no. This guy is extremely versatile and issues another impressive statement  straightaway. “Kalk” is a niftily and perfectly designed piece of music that bristles with many little details which make this – apart from that – rather repetitive theme super diverse and hypnotic.
But as mentioned before Breitenstein does not only seem to know his craft well, he is also open to all kinds of cognate disciplines. “Basalt” – for example – is yet very different and not only a dark and unforgiving dancefloor banger but also a proof of this guy’s knack for sophisticated music production. Last but not least Breitenstein rounds of the EP with another techno anthem called “Quarz” which brings a ton of confidence and guts to the table. Dear Sir or Madame, watch out for this guy. The future is “brightenstein“!

Breitenstein - Sand (Teaser) | Harthouse


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