In times of social distancing and stay-at-home orders it seems quite nostalgic that two and a half  decades ago over one million people used to meet and dance on the streets of Berlin in total harmony and excitement. The gathering was called Love Parade and back then there used to be  tracks that once they had been played on that very parade became instant hits. One of those hits is Tom Wax and Thorsten Adler‘s track “It’s Our Future“. Under their alter ego AWeX they produced the track in 1995 and since that year the anthem has been remixed numerous times.

We are very excited for this new remix EP by Rico Puestel. Yes, the German DJ and producer delivered not one, not two, not three but four remixes! What might surprise you actually makes a lot of sense because this guy is off the leash and delivering one stunning track after the other at the moment. Rico’s “Re-Bind Mix” immediately brings back memories from the good old days. Rico gives the audience quite a stresstest for almost three minutes before a massive drop opens the floodgate and  pure madness breaks loose. What a mind-blowing and acid-infused ride.

The show goes on with his gorgeous “Re-WeX Mix.” Be ready for a hypnotic trip through crystal clear soundscapes that invite us to lose our grip on reality and instead dive into an unworldly cosmos full of aha experiences.

Rico Puestel is known and highly respected for perfecting his craft on so many different levels. His next strike, the “Re-Manipulation Mix” is yet another testimonial. Be ready for a high energy, raw techno stunner that will blow your brains out. It’s astonishing how sophisticated and smart this guy composes absolute peak time bangers that turn every floor upside down.

If mixes one to four haven’t left you speechless then wait for number four. Rico’s “Re-Futurism Mix” brings absolutely everything to the table we could ask for: insane momentum, a great storytelling, excitement, melancholy, dreaminess, … you just name it. What a soundtrack!

Tom Wax presents AWeX - It's Our Future (Rico Puestel Re-WeX Mix) | Teaser


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