For more than a year now, again there have been regular releases on our Time unlimited label, a trance institution of the 90s. After several compilations and re-releases of old trance classic tracks and albums, a brand new longplayer is now coming out on the legendary label. Trance pioneer Matthias Wunderlich (aka Onda Del Futuro) presents his new album “Connected” with his project Wavestate including 12 new techno anthems. Sounds and beats that perfectly transport the spirit of the 90s into the current sound of the 21s. Trance with emotions, in bright colours and with pulsating beats.
Sounds und Beats, die den Spirit der 90er perfekt in den aktuellen Sound der 21er-Jahre transportieren. Techno mit Emotionen, in knallbunten Farben und mit pulsierenden Beats.

Wavestate - Sequenced (Time Unlimited) | Teaser

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