UCM.ONE launches its new documentary film label called “NONFY Documentaries” (short: NONFY“). One of the first projects on the label is “Im inneren Kreis” (english; “In the inner circle“) by Claudia Morar and Hannes Obens. The documentary tells the story of various undercover police operations in the left scene in Hamburg and Heidelberg from different perspectives. Im inneren Kreis” has been running very successfully in cinemas nationwide for several months now.

The documentary “Im inneren Kreis” deals with the following topic: Is the police out of control or are covert investigations a necessary evil? Many people asked themselves this question, after three hidden investigators in Hamburg’s left-wing scene flew in one and a half years with a big bang. It is time to take a few concrete questions about the relationship between freedom and security and to shed more light on the tension between state interests and individual civil rights. Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA have sensitized us.

But then, as in the case of the Iris P., when undercover agents pull out all the stops and even enter into love affairs with investigators, the drama takes its course against a highly political background. Abstract seemingly political and ethical fundamental questions about the relationship between freedom and security are made very concrete and close to the people.

  • May the state penetrate into the private and private sphere of people?
  • How free is one when there is no room for confidentiality?
  • When is democracy threatened by surveillance, is the police out of control, or is covert investigation a necessary evil?

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