Tony Senghore from Stockholm deals with love. Released first on Fiji Recordings in 2001 his “Lovepack One” EP finally gots a fresh re-release on Plastic City.

The first track “Where is the love” was remixed by Ricardo Villalobos in 2002 and is a fascinating sound collage that takes us into a special sound world right from the start with echoes of samba and 70s soundtracks.

For those who also like a touch of vintage sounds, the track will surely become a love at first sight. “I can feel your love” is clearly inspired by the disco wave of the 70s. “Love Beats“, on the other hand, starts with a sexy rhythm and leads into warm, harmonic vocals that are a bit reminiscent of ABBA.

Tony Senghore - Lovepack One (Teaser) | Plastic City

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