Following the world premiere of the youth adventure film “Fisch im Fell” at the 36th Braunschweig International Film Festival, the film producers signed an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with UCM.ONE.


A great adventure often begins with a mystery. The youth group’s hut in the Harz mountains has burned down. Amidst the charred rubble, the boys and girls find a mysterious hole in the ground with a puzzling time capsule. A first trail leads them from the Harz Mountains almost a thousand kilometers to South Tyrol, in search of a secret cave in the Alps …

The exceptional feature film project “Fisch im Fell” (literally: “Fish in the Fur”) was developed by young people from the regional Church of Braunschweig and addresses aspects and questions of their young lives, tells of personal everyday life and secret spinning, of diversity and climate protection and, of course, of social media.
Joachim Keil, Managing Director of UCM.ONE, commented at the premiere in Braunschweig: “It is above all the energy of the film that inspires. I was also moved by the way the topic of homosexuality, for example, is treated.”
Produced with funds from the Protestant regional Church and private donors, a uniquely authentic youth and adventure film was created under the direction of Dean Benzin, in which not only the young people themselves play the leading roles, but for which prominent guest stars such as Frederick Lau and Dieter Hallervorden could also be won.

UCM.ONE will bring the film to cinemas at Whitsun 2023.