Bruce Macdonald‘s starred US movie hit “Samson” is now available in the cinema version (FSK 16) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on Blu-ray, DVD and VoD portals. The film, released on the label “M-Square Pictures“, is a magnificent mix of the history adventures “The Ten Commandments” and “300“. “Samson” is visually stunning and filled with many stars. Among others are: Billy Zane (“Titanic”, “Twin Peaks”), Rutger Hauer (“Blade Runner”) and Lindsay Wagner (“The seven million dollar woman”).


1170 BC: The people of Israel are living desperately under the iron bondage of the Philistines, waiting for a Savior. Samson seems to be this Redeemer: even his birth is a miracle, because his mother actually could not have children. But an angel announced that she will have a child whose hair must never be cut, and that he will become a hero of Israel. That’s the way it is, and the long-haired kid becomes the young Samson (Taylor James), who slowly becomes aware of his unimaginable powers and then, as the head of Israel – as Judge – keeps the Philistines in check.

But Samson is not only strong and courageous, he also has weaknesses. He likes puzzles and loses it already. And he likes beautiful women, mostly those of the enemy, the Philistines, which always gets him in trouble. When he confides the secret of his enormous power to his wife Delila (Caitlin Leahy), she betrays him and the cunning Rallah (Jackson Rathbone) can capture Samson. Samson is imprisoned, blinded and forced to do slave labor. But that is not yet Samson’s end …

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