At last weekend’s International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences “Schlingel” in Chemnitz, the movie “Schwimmen” (English title: “Swimming“) was awarded the DEFA Foundation‘s 4,000 € sponsorship prize.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement:

“Uneasiness is the central feeling that the film shows as well as it evokes it. Uneasiness in one’s own body, uneasiness in one’s social environment – and the same feeling is also created in the viewer himself. […]

At the same time, the film illustrates the threats that nowadays lead to the abolition of the boundaries between the private and public worlds by turning modern media into tools of exclusion and shaming. […]

Last but not least, “Schwimmen” impresses with its formal language, the laconic narration, the play with sharpness and blur as well as the open end, which does not offer any unidirectional conflict resolution”.

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More Information

Since 12 September 2019, Schwimmen can be seen in German cinemas, distributed by UCM.ONE. More information about the movie: Schwimmen