As of today, the original motion picture soundtrack to the film “Involution” by Pavel Khvaleev is available worldwide. The film was shot in the Moscow and Berlin area and will also be available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in July 2019 on DVD and Blu-Ray as well as digitally at all download and streaming portals.


  1. Erase Me – Son Of Earth (Part I)
  2. Tyoma – Haze
  3. Erase Me – Dream of Liv
  4. Erase Me – Note
  5. Erase Me – See You Again
  6. Erase Me – White House
  7. Erase Me – Eternal Judgement
  8. Erase Me – Aaron
  9. Erase Me – Underground
  10. Erase Me & Looacoma – Veter
  11. Erase Me – Rape
  12. Erase Me – Cain
  13. Erase Me – Ian
  14. Erase Me – Werewolf
  15. Erase Me – Car
  16. Erase Me – Faint
  17. Erase Me – Cocoon
  18. Erase Me – Last Omen
  19. Erase Me & Looacoma – Son Of Earth (Part II)

Summary of the film

The film “Involution” tells the story of Hamming and Liv, a couple living in the future. The earth gets out of control, influenced by a cruel and inhuman mechanism that puts Darwin’s theory of evolution back … Every human gradually begins to feel animal instincts: uncontrolled aggression, protection of the offspring. All this leads to chaos on the planet and directly to the extinction of mankind. Hamming meets Liv before these terrible events. And it seems that nothing can stand in the way of her relationship. But soon Liv disappears and Hamming has to make a serious decision and face a world that endangers his own life to find it.

Tyoma - Haze (Involution Version)

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