Welcome to the world of electronic music with “My Madness“, the latest preview of Rico Puestel‘s new album “There is Truth and Method to my Madness“. After the successful excursions “My Truth” and “My Method“, Rico Puestel takes us on another exciting journey through his unique musical vision.

The EP contains three new tracks: “Pression“, “A New Compound” and “Justice“. Each track reflects Rico’s deep understanding of harmony and remarkable production artistry. With captivating melodies, pulsating rhythms and innovative soundscapes, “My Madness” will captivate you and never let you go.

My Madness” is not just about pure techno music – it is a personal statement and expression of Rico’s passion. It’s a piece of his heart, captured in every note, every beat, every melody.

Look forward to the final album, which will be released on 15 September. You can pre-order it now and be sure to be among the first to experience this exciting musical journey. Get ready for “There is Truth and Method to my Madness” – an album that redefines the boundaries of electronic music and takes the listener into a world of sound art and passion. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Rico Puestel - Justice (Harthouse)

Rico Puestel - Affection (Harthouse) I Album Teaser

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