Dive into the exciting world of electronic music with Roughage‘s new EP “I Wanna Go Back“, released on the German Time Unlimited label. This impressive compilation of six tracks is a wonderful expression of creative talent and passion, transporting you to the magical world of summer 2023.
The EP starts with the powerful Going to the Love Parade Mix, which takes you right into the heart of the famous Berlin techno festival. Let yourself be carried away by the dynamic beats and fascinating melodies. The title track “I Wanna Go Back” is a nostalgic homage to the golden age of electronic music, characterised by pulsating rhythms and captivating loops. It’s a powerful reminder of why we all fell in love with electronic music.

The TB303 Resonance Mix and All Night Dancing are hymns to the energetic nightlife full of passion. The Sawtable Mix and The Xfer Trick are experimental and innovative, while “Serum Oscillation” and “Hexa Gone 5” challenge your senses with their unique sound design. The crowning finale of the EP is the mysterious The Witch has Left Mix and the re-release of “I Wanna Go Back” in the SP Always Has Priority Mix, which round off the EP perfectly.

I Wanna Go Back” is more than just an EP. It is a journey through the world of electronic music, an experience that will inspire you and make you dance. Close your eyes, let the music guide you and come back with Roughage!

Roughage - I Wanna Go Back (TB303 Resonance Mix) | Time unlimited

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