The new DVD edition of the film “The Endless Night” (German: “Die endlose Nacht“) by Will Tremper on the film label Darling Berlin is now available everywhere. The award-winning 1963 film is considered one of Hannelore Elsner‘s favourite films and one of her first major film roles. The story tells of a night at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin where passengers are stranded because of fog.

Awards of the film “The Endless Night”

1963 German Film Award in Gold: Best Acting Achievement – Male Leading Role -> Harald Leibnitz
1963 German Film Award in Gold: Best Camera/Picture Design -> Hans Jura
1963 German Film Award in Gold: Best Film Music -> Peter Thomas
1963 German Film Award in Gold: Best Film Music -> Peter Thomas
1963 German Film Award in Silver: Best Feature Film -> Will Tremper
1963 German Film Critics’ Award: Best Feature Film -> Will Tremper
1964 Ernst Lubitsch Award: Best Supporting Actor -> Walter Buschhoff


Fog over Tempelhof. “Due to bad weather all flights to West Germany have to be cancelled today. Landings in Berlin-Tempelhof are also unlikely before tomorrow morning. The next announcement will be made tomorrow morning.” At any other airport in the world, such an announcement would cause trouble, but there would be alternative possibilities. One could travel by train, one could use the nearest airport. There are no such possibilities in Berlin. Berlin, a cosmopolitan city with 2.2 million inhabitants, has no more than ten train connections a day, and between Berlin and West Germany lies the territory of the GDR, which not everyone can cross safely. Fog over Tempelhof, which causes serious problems for a number of passengers …

Comments on the film

Enno Patalas wrote in 1963 in the “Filmkritik” about a “Federal German inventory. Each character remains good for a surprise. Perfect subtle-humoristic routes amaze in the cool design setting of the “glass airport”.

Klaus Lemke said of the film in 2012: “Without Will Tremper’s “Endless Night” the German post-war film would be a big mistake. Besides Godard’s “Out of Breath“, “The Endless Night” is one of the two films that brought me to the film”.

The acting icon Hannelore Elsner, who died on Easter Sunday 2019, said in 2012 in an interview about the film “The Endless Night“: “I want people to see this film!” The role of starlet Sylvia Stössi was her first major leading role in a feature film and has always been one of her favourite films.

Die endlose Nacht | Cineasten Trailer