Tom Wax and Thorsten Adler (together also known as AWeX) produced the single “It’s Our Future” in 1994. It was released on the then very freshly founded label Plastic City. Even today, more than two decades later, the AWeX classic does not seem to have lost any of its popularity, which we’ve taken as an occasion to release 2 brand new remixes from A*S*Y*S, one of the hottest acts of the hour – of course again on Plastic City.

A*S*Y*S aka Frank Ellrich impressively succeeds in coping with the name of the EP with his remixes by perfectly transporting the title “It’s Our Future” into the year 2019 with its distinctive acid sound. With the boundless urge to move forward and its hymn-like sound power, A*S*Y*S has managed to give “It’s Our Future” a facelift that is bursting with self-confidence and class.