Today Mercury Circle have unleashed their stunning brand new debut EP, titled “The Dawn Of Vitriol“, via Noble Demon and The Vinyl Division. Born as a brainchild in 2018 by Iconcrash’s and Swallow the Sun’s Jaani Peuhu, Mercury Circle offers dark rock infused with electrifying synth wave and epic doom soundscapes. Truly a genre of its own, establishing their very own kind of “New Doom”.

In support of their brand new output, the band from Helsinki, Finland, just shared a touching and mesmerizing music video for the track “New Dawn”.

Jaani Peuhu says about the song: “When we started talking about releasing an EP before the album I wanted to keep it separate from the album process. I didn’t want to touch any of the 20 songs I wrote for it even though I knew that we would have to drop half of them from the record. I instantly remembered this track that I wrote years ago, but it always felt too dark and emotionally too heavy for the albums I’d recorded before so I kept it waiting for its real purpose. We were on the North American tour with Swallow the Sun while I was working with this version, so I asked my friend Francesco Lucidi to record drums for it in London and to send me the files so I could download them as soon as I would find a good-enough wifi from one of the venues. The MC guys recorded guitars and basses in Helsinki and sent them to me too. When I got home I just updated some of the vocals, finished the mix and sent the song for mastering.

There is something heartbreaking in this song and I used as many of the demo vocals I could to make sure the feeling of the song would not change in this updated version.

Already working on their first full length record for early 2021, “The Dawn Of Vitriol” is offering a fantastic preview and an impressive first glimpse of what’s to follow.

Furthermore the band comments about their debut: “We’re extremely proud to have our first EP released. We started working on these songs over two years ago and we found common ground right from the start. We’ve evolved from project to a real band and we’re ready to start the next cycle that will complete Mercury Circle. This is the start of New Doom!

Mercury Circle - New Dawn (Official Music Video)

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