Swen Baez can consider himself lucky to have grown up amidst the legendary 90s German Techno movement. A time in which cassettes were still known to mankind and attending a rave had an exclusive charme since you could not have found any livestreams of it on the internet afterwards.Swen embraced these times and consequently they had a huge impact on him. As a DJ and producer he’s been active ever since and when listening to his latest EP “One, Two, Three” you understand how this guy was socialized by his musical environment.
The title track “One, Two, Three” is straight Techno yet it is soulful and very personal at the same time. Attributes that run like a golden thread through this guy’s career. Oh and that groove! It’s great to see Sven coming up with quite a trademark sound of his.

Cloudless” – the B-side track – offers a more dramatic atmosphere due to its more melodic approach and stronger focus on the storytelling. Definitely made for the big room where the massive arc of suspense during the break will catch your attention and let your jaws drop.