That’s Right Now” is the long awaited 18th release from Forteba on Plastic City. This EP offers two wonderful deephouse tracks that will inspire you with their positive and powerful character.

The first track takes you into a world of rhythmic beats and hypnotizing melodies. With its catchy groove and unique soundscapes, it will immediately cast a spell over you. The precise mixing allows you to experience every single sound in all its depth.

The second track goes one better and surprises with an innovative mixture of organic sounds and electronic elements. Here, gentle synthesizer sounds merge with pulsating basslines to create a harmonious overall sound. The dynamic development of the track prevents boredom and ensures that you keep discovering new nuances.

Whether you’re an avid deep house fan or simply looking for quality music for your next event, this release will not disappoint.

Forteba - That's Right Now (Full Track Video) | Plastic City


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