The brand new release “Madhouse” by Julian Wassermann and Johanson is undoubtedly an essential work for lovers of electronic music. With his first appearance on Harthouse, Julian Wassermann once again sets high standards and demonstrates his extraordinary talent.

Already through his successful releases on Stil vor Talent, such as “Monopterus“, “Aurea” and “Lyra“, as well as the hit “Gotland 2019” on Kompakt, Julian Wassermann has established himself as one of the leading producers in the scene. His tracks immediately reached the top 10 of the Beatport charts and inspire millions of fans worldwide. Particularly noteworthy is the EP “Monopterus“, where Julian managed to get three tracks straight into the top 10, with “Monopterus” taking first place. This personal highlight of his career underlines his remarkable creative talent and musical excellence.

With the release of “Madhouse“, Julian Wassermann promises another success story. The title alone suggests that we are in for a rousing masterpiece. The fusion of Julian’s unique sound with Johanson’s creative vision creates a very special atmosphere that captivates every listener. Julian Wassermann and Johanson are artists beyond compare. Their music speaks directly to the soul and touches the deepest emotions. With every track they create a world full of energy, passion and joy. “Madhouse” represents the next milestone in their career and is an absolute must for all music lovers.

So experience “Madhouse” and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Julian Wassermann and Johanson. Get your copy of this extraordinary release now and enjoy electronic music on a whole new level. Be part of this musical revolution and let yourself be enchanted by the sound of Julian Wassermann and Johanson.

Julian Wassermann, Johanson - Madhouse


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