We welcome back a true full-blood DJ and producer with not years but decades of experience. Sin Plomo presents his “House Head EP” which is good news in these crazy times we’re living in.

Sin Plomo kicks of his EP in high spirits with the EP’s name-giving A-side. “I’m A Certified House Head” is a groovy heavy weight with its constant atmosphere of tension which smoothly flows into a highly musical break which again raises before being released back into an infectious groove. Absolutely spot-on.

The “Funky Monkey Mix” of the original has an irresistible oldschool charm and plays it cool from start to finish. Sin Plomo manages to implement a subtle feelgood factor without ever sounding too much.

Marika“, the final track featuring Mei-lan Maurits is another fine piece of music with soft, organic percussions in the background and a strong focus on the meditative vocals mixed with softly floating pad sounds that create a peaceful yet exciting atmosphere. Sin Plomo, a true master of his craft has gifted us with this stunning new EP.