The award-winning documentary “Searching Eva” by director Pia Hellenthal will be shown on Saturday, 12th and Sunday, 13th October 2019 in the series “Made in NRW” at the Film Festival Cologne. At the presentation on October 12, 2019 at 21:00 in Filmpalast 3, the film crew will be present and available for questions. “Searching Eva” starts on November 14, 2019 on the label Darling Berlin in the rental of UCM.ONE nationwide in the cinema.

The film reflects in staged, but at the same time documentary tableaux vivants the many identities of Eva, who for years let their followers on social media channels in their lives with all ups and downs and shows a relentless openness, which is partly shocking, but before especially for young people looking for themselves can also be a great stop.

More information about the movie: “Searching Eva