S.O.R.M, the hard rock sensation hailing from Lidkoping, Sweden, releases their highly anticipated debut album “Under My Skin” today via the German Noble Demon label. Featuring eleven brand new and electrifying tracks, this remarkable debut showcases the band’s unique blend of hard rock, heavy metal and classic rock, that is sure to appeal to a wide range of fans worldwide!

Formed in 2017, S.O.R.M quickly made a name for themselves with the release of their outstanding “Hellraiser” EP (2020), which introduced the band to the world and captivated audiences with their infectious hooks right from the start. Now and here, “Under My Skin” finally follows, packed with catchy melodies, memorable singalongs and the spirit of something that is more than just music.

But that’s not the whole story, as “Under My Skin” features guest guitarists Doug Blair of W.A.S.P and Nick Petrino of Dee Snider, who add an extra layer of excitement and expertise to the album. Their contributions elevate the already powerful and captivating sound of S.O.R.M and create an unforgettable musical experience not to be missed in 2023!

Members of the band S.O.R.M are Micke Holm (guitar and vocals), Johan Ostram (bass) and Robin Wernebratt (drums).

CD and vinyl edition from the album “Under My Skin“:

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LP (Orange Marbled Vinyl)

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Crazy (Official Music Video)

I Die For My Rock 'n' Roll (feat. Nick Petrino of Dee Snider)

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