It was exactly 30 years ago that the young artist Andreas Kettenbach brought a demo tape (on cassette) under the artist name Roughage to the Humpty Recordstore in Heidelberg. On this tape, the first track of the later A-side “Internecine Noiz” of the catalogue number Time 001 of the just starting label Time unlimited could be heard in a demo version, which was then finally recorded in the Undercover Studio in Neckargemünd.

The managing director of UCM.ONE, Joachim Keil, says: “It is an absolute pleasure and at the same time an honour for me to have released the single “Internecine Noiz” on Time unlimited by Andreas Kettenbach aka Roughage 30 years ago as the first signing ever in my life and now 30 years later to be able to release Andreas’ latest single again. Actually, the timing was not planned this way – so it is all the more pleasing that Andreas’ long creative break has now ended at exactly this time and that he is releasing his latest work again on his home label, which he, along with Bernd Augustinski aka Nostrum and several other artists, had helped shape musically like no other for years. And who would have thought back then that the chosen label name “Time unlimited” would still be so fitting 30 years later?”

Roughage - TTM (Drift Mix) | Time unlimited

30 years ago ….

Roughage - Internecine Noiz | Time unlimited

Roughage - High On Hope | Time unlimited

Roughage - Offbeat Instinct | Time unlimited

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