If you’re thirsty for some refreshingly different and sophisticated sound then we’re glad that we got just the right album for you. Berlin original Rene Onze presents his new album “I’Try” which is an exciting collection of very diverse tracks from thoughtful to ecstatic, from dreamy to bold.

Cool white Liquid” is a playful as well as very vigorous opener which is followed by “Monster” with its nonchalant charm and positive vibe. Next up is “Miss You Baby“, a perky house tune with tons of groove, saturation and an irresistible mojo.

With “Try” Rene Onze strikes a more serious note. Deep, atmospheric, thoughtful, this tune is an extraordinary piece of music. But as promised this album is as beautiful as it is versatile. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that “Mira” comes around with a very different attitude: cheerful, super groovy, laid-back. Rene Onze keeps up the good mood before becoming murkier and more atmospheric.

I’m Waiting For You” finally combines both worlds. Positive and lightsome on the one hand, melancholic and profound on the other hand. Towards the end Rene Onze ires one bomb after another. Starting with “Animal“, another hands-up house banger with a nasty bassline, followed by “White Stripes“, a trippy and ultra-cool after-hour beauty and last but not least final stunner that’s up to every trick.

Good Bye Lino” thrills and puts a smile on everyone’s face. What a storytelling! What an album!

Rene Onze - Love is the Key (Plastic City Suburbia) | Teaser

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