What do you do if you have a few great songs in your hindquarters, but they don’t fit the material of your own band and you don’t want to change the sound of the main combo consistently? Right – you just start another project. So Tuomas Saukkonen, singer/guitarist and creative power behind Before the Dawn. When he suddenly realizes during the work on the third Before the Dawn album “The Ghost” that he has a whole series of good songs, which are however clearly darker, more melancholic or simply different than what he has in mind with his main band, he brings the dark “twin” Dawn of Solace into life.
The first album entitled “The Darkness” contains a melodic sound similar to Before the Dawn, though with a much stronger Gothic Metal and Doom Metal influence.

The debut album “The Darkness” was released in May 2006 with Before the Dawn singer Lars Eikind and Jukka Salovaara (guest vocals and solo guitar). After the release, several problems with the label forced the project to take a break for an indefinite period. All the more we are proud to release this legendary album in November 2019 (“Black Friday“) again on the label Noble Demon.

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