Director: Luzie Loose

Label: Darling Berlin

Type: Movie (feature film)

Genre: Drama

Year: 2018

Rating: FSK 12

Format: DVD


After the separation of Elisa’s (Stephanie Amarell) parents, the 15-year-old’s life gets out of control. Together with her mother Anna, she has to move out of their shared single-family home on the outskirts of the city and into a council apartment in the middle of Berlin-Neukölln. Her body reacts to the stress with fainting spells. During one such episode after swimming lessons, her classmates take Elisa’s vulnerability as an opportunity to make her a victim in class. At this moment, Anthea (Lisa Vicari) enters her life. She is beautiful, self-confident and unafraid, and in no time at all brings Elisa out of her defenseless stupor. The two become best friends and develop a game of capturing everything they do with their cell phone cameras. Elisa takes advantage of her mother’s night shifts to hit the clubs with Anthea and her older brother Pierre (Jonathan Berlin) and experiences a heady summer with her new friend. Anthea protects her, gives her confidence and support. Both girls fill for each other the voids created by the separation from Elisa’s parents and the lack of affection in Anthea’s family. But Anthea always sets the pace.

Soon they come up with the idea of turning the cameras around and, out of revenge, secretly filming those classmates who have beaten Elisa up in a similar way. In order not to look cowardly in front of her, Elisa collects and sends one compromising video after the next. Soon they need this game to maintain their cohesion, and their intimate friendship develops into a destructive dynamic that becomes threatening to anyone who gets in the pair’s way.

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Film: Swimming
Label: Darling Berlin
© 2018 Darling Berlin / UCM.ONE


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