Breakdown in Tokyo


Director: Zoltan Paul

Label: Darling Berlin

Genre: Movie (Feature Film)

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Year: 2020

Rating: FSK 6

Format: DVD


PEROPERO, the prog-rock band from Berlin, completes a tour of Japanese live clubs. The 60-year-old director Lászlo Kovács, father of the guitarist, accompanies this Japan tour with a small film crew to make a documentary about the band’s experiences. Also on board is the producer Emma, who has been the director’s partner for 10 years. When the young tour manager Nahoko falls head over heels in love with Laszlo while picking up the crew from the airport, the project is immensely jeopardized.

Lászlo, who is in the midst of a life and creative crisis, feels as if he has been given wings by Nahoko’s love – and the tolerant Emma would even indulge him in the little adventure if he didn’t expose her and endanger the film and his health. But of course he goes overboard. Finally, Emma has had enough of his recklessness and demands an immediate end to the affair. With a heavy heart, Lászlo breaks with Nahoko. But he has not reckoned with her feelings of revenge. From now on, she sabotages the production and provokes wherever she can. When Lászlo finally confronts her, she flips out and disappears with, of all things, Emma’s laptop, on which all production data, hotel bookings, flights and trains are stored. So Lászlo has to find Nahoko at all costs and bring her back…

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℗ 2018 NextFilm Filmproduktion, © 2018 Darling Berlin / UCM.ONE

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Breakdown in Tokyo (Original title: Breakdown in Tokyo – Ein Vater dreht durch )

Germany 2018

Director: Zoltan Paul

Screenplay: Zoltan Paul

Actors: Tomoko Inoue, Zoltan Paul, Clementina Hegewisch, Julian Adam Pajzs, Valentin Schuster

Producer: Zoltan Paul

Production: NextFilm Filmproduktion

Coproduction: Achtfeld

Countries: Japan, Germany


More information about the movie:  Breakdown in Tokyo

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Features & technical data

DVD | Aspect ratio: 16:9 – 1.77:1, 16:9 – 1.78:1 | Running time: approx. 1 hour and 26 minutes | Sound format: German (Dolby Digital 2.0) | Subtitles: English | Genres: Drama, Comedy | FSK 6

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