The documentary film “Barricade” by award-winning Cologne-based photographer and filmmaker David Klammer celebrates its nationwide cinema release on Thursday 02 February 2023 at 21:00 at the Acud Kino in Berlin.

The coal company RWE is in the process of finally demolishing Lützerath despite the coal phase-out and massively expanding the Garzweiler open-cast mine. In recent weeks, climate activists as well as tens of thousands of citizens have been the focus of attention with their protests and actions.

David Klammer has been accompanying the protests of climate activists with his pictures for years. In 2020, when the A49 motorway in Hesse was to be cut directly through a living forest, David Klammer documented the protests against the clearing of the Dannenröder Forest with his film camera.

David Klammer lived for weeks with the activists in their tree houses and was thus able to create an impressive emotional closeness to the events with his images. With poetic images, the film delves deeply and trustingly into the motivations, fears and hopes of the activists, but also shows the massive police intervention up close.

A scenario that could determine everyday life in Germany in the next few years. The struggle of activists against accelerated planning procedures for motorways, railway lines or even wind turbines that put the environment and landscape protection on the back burner.

Barricade” by David Klammer will also be released nationwide in cinemas on the film label NONFY Documentaries on 02.02.2023.

Comments about the movie

“Last but not least, the documentary impresses with its visual power. In partly very beautiful and carefully composed images, it illustrates the coexistence of the activists, but also captivates with breathtaking panoramic shots, taken with drones, of the biotope that needs to be protected: the forest “ (Filmdienst).

“A documentary about resistance: climate change threatens all our lives and drives people to the barricades. An angry film …” (Kino-Zeit)

“David Klammer’s film shows how completely new alliances are formed in the face of environmental and climate destruction, in the knowledge of the powerlessness of words.” (Leipziger Zeitung)

“Being very close to the protest” (SWR2)

“Barrikade is a bow to the protest and the ideals of the squatters – and to what they want to preserve.” (Der Freitag)

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