“Nachthelle” is a brilliant arthouse-movie starring Michael Gwisdek, Ivo Baulitz, Vladimir Burlakov, Benno Fürmann, Anna Grisebach and Gudrun Ritter. The movie is about two couples, Anna and Stefan, Bernd and Marc, who spends a few days in Annas deserted hometown, which will be swallowed by open-cast coal mining operations soon. Nevertheless, the four are enjoying their visit – when an old debt slowly starts to invade Anna’s mind.

It’s set out to be an idyllic weekend. Anna and Stefan, Bernd and Marc – two couples spending a few days in the countryside. The expanding open-cast coal mining operation which will soon be swallowing town, woods and meadows, brings them back to their hometown. The place is almost deserted. Nevertheless, the four protagonists are enjoying their visit to the moribund village – when an old debt about to be cashed in starts to invade Anna’s mind. Returning to their hometown seems to have a menacing effect. Anna and Bernd are haunted by nightmares, realities begin to shift. On top of that, Stefan is attracted by the polyamorous relationship of the two other men – a fact used by Marc to play mind games with Anna. She feels her well- structured life slide and then her boyfriend sliding away from her – and only the final confrontation with her former self will allow her a way out.

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Releasedate “Nachthelle”: 6th of November 2015.

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