The movie label “Darling Berlin” has seen quite a few great releases on DVD and via VOD in the last months, but with “Love me!” (Love me”), the fresh imprint from Berlin brings a true gem to the stores. Liebe mich! (Love me!) is a film working with improvisation and without a big budget or promotion. Inspired by the “Great Movies Manifesto” of director Axel Ranisch, the film was shot in Berlin in ten days, using a six-page script. With its excellent cast – Lilli Meinhardt (Sarah), Christian Ehrich (Oliver), Peter Trabner (Sarah’s father Dieter) and Axel Ranisch (Denis) – the movie “describes the wrong ways and ricochets of an adolescent city dweller in an empathetic, self-ironic way and with a fresh view” ( And Zitty Berlin says “…an ode to Berlin… …gorgeous actors… …just makes you feel happy”.

Sarah is loud, non-conformist, rude, honest and provocative. She seems invincible, but she is lonely and lost and is struggling with her daily life. After an argument with her supposedly best friend with whom she just spent the night, her MacBook Air flies out of the window when she is throwing an angry fit because he is not on the same page as her regarding of this new development in their relationship. Stupidly enough, her whole week’s work is on that broken laptop. But maybe the nice guy from the computer repair store can fix it? Or maybe he can fix her life altogether? He is trying to do both and Sarah lets him, because behind her loud and impulsive façade she has a big desire for love. But Sarah wouldn’t be Sarah if she did not test the limits of what this new blooming relationship could take, how many arguments she can have with her father or how much she can party away in Berlin’s night life.

The DVD release contains some interesting extra material and an outlook to Darling Berlin’s next movies. In stores from October, 2nd.


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